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The Piggy Lord wrote:

Loverofpiggies, October 21st, 2007, 10:05 pm

12 Chapters, Two books! Thats right! This is the end of book 2, chapter 12!! As you can see, I always try to end each book with a cliff hanger. >D Its sexy that way.

Anyway, I wont be able to update for a little while so I can prepare for the publishing of the second issue. HOWEVER, I do have something I want to ask everyone.

Because I have 30+ extra pages (Yeah apparently the chapters were THAT short) I want everyone to do a little asking of questions!

What I want, is for all my watchers willing, to ask any character directly about anything. In the back of the book they will answer your question. Litterally, it can be about anything. Have fun with it. ^^

Its mainly to be the funny haha section of the book, so no question will be taken seriously by any of the characters! Just warning you! ^^ Please do this! And thank you!

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MortiferFanGirl, October 21st, 2007, 10:03 pm

Dawn: -looks around scared before being forced to glomp Zebi-

God he's sexy~!

MortiferFanGirl, October 21st, 2007, 10:12 pm

My Question Dear Zebidiah;
What do you like to do on your free time, that no one knows about?

~ <3

sazzy, October 21st, 2007, 10:30 pm

ZOMFG?!?!!? WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?

*must keep pushing next butten untill it works*

Mousey, October 21st, 2007, 11:05 pm

Ohohoh! >D Questions eh?

To Kole:
How was that fantastico kiss with Valentine? Were his lips soft? Was it a Frenchie!? *Clubbed* Okay, just kidding, you don't have to answer that. :D I will ask though, if things develop far enough, would you be able to think of Mathew as your in-law? XD

...What? After seeing that, it's all I can think of! XP If I think of more I'll come back. XD

Loverofpiggies, October 21st, 2007, 11:09 pm

Yay! : D Feel free to ask as many as you want. I think i'll have fun with this, so... ^c^

Luckey Starr, October 21st, 2007, 11:32 pm

This is the end? Chapter 12 was short! -_-

Aw, well. I hope to see more soon. It's just getting interesting!

Edit: I'll also try to come up with some questions, as I don't have any in mind right now...

Psoriasis, October 22nd, 2007, 12:15 am

Woot! Love the new pages! I'd have to formulate an actual question, or I'd have to ask joey if he is on the singles market XD ahaha I know I'm delusional :P

desertkitt, October 22nd, 2007, 12:51 am

... You are no longer my idol, but more of my drug/temptation and I really need a hit... NOW!!!


I would ask Mathew if he'd ever consider dating me.(Or force him, whatever).

frodse (Guest), October 22nd, 2007, 1:25 am

-Gasp- wonder what'll happen next 8DDD

winzrella, October 22nd, 2007, 4:52 am

That is indeed a cliffhanger at the end of the book. It was also a good cliffhanger, because it keeps people completely hooked with the story. And I think no one can wait what happens next.
If I come up with some questions I'll ask them.

Mortiferfangirl too lazy to log (Guest), October 22nd, 2007, 11:01 am

Dear Mathew,
When no one is looking are you really lonely and have a special stuffed animal you hug? Or do you even own a night light.

~ Mortifer Fangirl

((Last question I have))

Darth Vader (Guest), October 22nd, 2007, 11:02 am

Directed at McRain:

Surely you aren't spending -all- the time that you're chained up to that computer working. What are you doing when they aren't looking at the screen?

(And I'm talking video games, buuut... Who knows with you.)

EDIT: (Yeah, yeah, "too lazy to log", you -knew- I was going to ask this...) If you play/played WoW, which race/class would you be! (I'm guessing gnome rogue? SHIN STABBING.)

Steinhoff, October 22nd, 2007, 11:53 am

Great pages as always =D
I wanna know what's behind his eyepatch and Gloves *dying of curiosity*

Questions? I've one to Leonest! Can I kidnap and Rape you? <3
At Least the kidnap part? <3

If I have anything better in mind I will ask XD

Minten, October 22nd, 2007, 12:56 pm

*___* Omgie.. I hoped to see Joey's eye.. but I guess it's too soon. Man, this wonderful end with the eyepatch and oh, so, sexy and cool Zebi (okay if I call him that too? no wy that I'll ever learn to spell his name).. I'm to fangirlish to think up of a question whose answer wouldn't spoil anyhting...

GoD_The_Butcher (Guest), October 22nd, 2007, 1:33 pm

has matthew ever used the knive from page two

what did the guy from page 23 want.
w8 the phone! no time, more to come.

Psoriasis, October 22nd, 2007, 7:15 pm

Question! to McRain: Do they unchain you at all....how do you pee 0_o Can I come save you? XD
to Joey: I'm going to rape you if you don't stop being so damn irressitable. Ok, not a question, but we're all thinking it so I'm going to say it first! :P

Mr.Blackbird, October 22nd, 2007, 7:36 pm

gigitty gigitty gigitty oh yeah. I wanna ask Valentine why he let Kole have that free night. (I assume it was an all nigter?)

Aear, October 22nd, 2007, 8:22 pm

aaa! I want more! ...
ooo i am like last to comment...anyway...
love this comic...

Mousey, October 22nd, 2007, 11:08 pm

Ahaha! Another question! >D

What's the best piece of advice you can give to someone aiming to be president of a company? XD Not necessarily someone taking your place mind you, I mean president of any other company out there. :P

Falco Vespertinus, October 23rd, 2007, 3:00 pm

Mwahaha... cliffhanger 8D
BTW, check your dA-notes :3

The_Butcher (Guest), October 24th, 2007, 10:56 am

Ya Know If I would write i want to glomp and rape Steinhof or any of the many fangirls or even kole all would think me a depraved pervert.
To all the fangirls out there DEPRAVED PERVERTS!!! THOSE POOR COMIC CHARACTERS!!!(Goodlooking fangirls please exclude yourself)

Leg, March 20th, 2008, 5:50 pm

im only i could
but reading only one manga or anything over a giant ammount of time gives me a major headache... so off to hitman reborn XP

Syren (Guest), May 29th, 2008, 2:52 pm

To Leonest,
Are you particularly self concious or have you learned a neutrality or vanity to how you look. Truthfully if you were to walk into a few less developed areas of the world they may worship you. Do you have any complexes of that sort? Finally, do you think any of your expiriments shortened or lengthned your life? And if so can I have the latter?

To Zeb,
Do you divine your power? Does tht mean it has a greater effect upon vampires? Also if Leo is still human does that mean your powers are still real simple on him? Do you know the pope? Does the pope have super pope powers that he refuses to reveal? Finally do you fear death?

A statement to both: A man in hopes of eternal life, no matter the cost comrade. Keep up the faith.

Soirgriffe (Guest), November 17th, 2008, 5:24 pm

Oh, Em, Gee.

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